The Society of Orion-Book Two:Recovery


Published  1/17/ 2015

Chapter One


ack in the flashy BMW, Colton Banyon was settling in for the three hour sprint to the desert. Has was about to question Wolf to collect more information when he looked over at his partner. She was hunched over the steering wheel and looked worried. A deep furrow had formed on her forehead. He knew that something was wrong.

“What’s bothering you Loni?”

“Colt, I can multiply,” she responded sarcastically.

“Okay,” he answered her cryptic response.

“I know Wolf could never research the south desert site by the time we get there. We will have to navigate the bomb field without help. I don’t think we should take that much risk. There has to be a better way to beat Wilk to the talisman.”

“You’re right, Loni. Do you have a better way?” He asked his tactical expert.

“I think we should play the same game Wilk is playing with us,” she responded immediately.

“And what game would that be?”

“Deception,” she hissed. “We need to fool him into going somewhere else. Then we can go into the desert safely from the North and get the talisman.”

“And I believe you have someplace specifically in mind, don’t you?” Banyon suddenly understood.

“I do,” she replied with a smile. “Let’s send them on a wild goose chase to the Weiliczka Salt Mine.”

“Never heard of it,” Banyon admitted.

“It is near where they are headed. It’s located within the Krakow city limits. I learned about it in a magazine on the flight over from America. It’s a major tourist attraction. It attracts more than a million people a year now.”

“But can they get into it?” Banyon said as he began to form a plan for his conversation with Wilk. He had his cell phone number.

“It’s not a working mine any longer. It’s only a tourist attraction. The owners have carved out many statues, and even chapels from the salt. It is huge and has many passages where something could be hidden.”

“Sounds promising,” Banyon offered.

“And two more things,” Loni gushed. “It was used by the Germans during World War II as a facility for many war-related industries. There could easily be a lot of plunder hidden in the many caves.”

“That sounds very promising,” Banyon agreed. “What is the last thing?”

“According to my watch, it closes in less than two hours. Tell them they have more than two hours to get there. Then tell them that the mines won’t be open tomorrow. Tell them they need to go there right now.”

“That’s brilliant, Loni,” Banyon complimented her.

“I’m not just a pretty face you know,” she said and battered her eyes at him.

He reached across to stroke her face, “I know.”

Chapter Two


ilk answered his phone on the first ring. “Albin Wilk,” he said into the phone. He was expecting to hear from one of his many mercenary team leaders he employed, but was surprised when he found Colton Banyon on the phone.

“How is your dinner going?” Banyon started. Wilk suddenly remembered that he told Banyon they were not going to the desert at night. He told them they were going to have a leisurely dinner in the city.

“I’m enjoying a fine wine as we speak,” he replied as the professor, who was driving, gave him a strange look. Wilk put the call on speaker.

“Well, I hate to interrupt your fine dinner,” Banyon said smoothly. “But something has come up. You guys are in the perfect position to handle it.”

“What might that be?” Wilk said chasing the bait.

“I’ve just found out that the Courage talisman is very near where you are right now. You are in Krakow aren’t you?”

“Of course,” Wilk lied. “Where is the talisman? We can pick it up in the morning.”

“Well, that is kind of a problem,” Banyon said slowly. “If you don’t get it tonight, you won’t be able to retrieve it for several days. Well past your deadline.”

“Explain that?” Wilk demanded.

“It’s alright,” Banyon said in a soothing voice. “Loni and I can reroute, maybe we can get there before the place closes. If not we’ll just break in. This one will be easy to find, no digging involved.”

“What place?” Wilk asked anxiously.

“I just found out that the talisman is hidden in a cave just off the third chapel in the Wieliczka Salt Mine, but the place closes in two hours. It won’t be open for three days due to some renovations.”

Wilk was suddenly faced with a dilemma. They were closing in on the north entrance to the desert, but he believed they could make it to Krakow in time to collect the talisman. As usual with Wilk, greed made the decision for him. He decided to reroute to Krakow collect the talisman, and then return to the desert. They still would be back in Warsaw by the morning. Orlich would just have to do a little more driving.

“Colt, we would be happy to collect the Courage talisman for you,” Wilk said in a buttery voice. “You and Loni continue on your present course. Where are you headed by the way?”

“We are headed to Hamburg to collect the Time weapon,” Banyon replied knowing that Wilk would realize they were not near the desert or Krakow.

“Colt, hold on a second would you,” Wilk suddenly pleaded. He put the phone call on mute when the professor signaled to him.

The professor immediately asked. “We headed to the salt mines? I know my way around the place. I also know how to get there quickly.”

“Yes, we are,” Wilk replied. The professor turned around, and sped off to the city of Krakow

“You know, we might not make it there before they close,” Orlich warned, but Wilk was busy counting money in his head. He then took the phone off of mute.

“Can you give me the details?” He didn’t hear the sound of two hands high fiving each other on the other end of the phone.


Wilk had barely ended his phone call from Banyon when his phone rang again. He recognized the caller. The man was one of his mercenary leaders. They were the ones after the Time weapon. Ah, he though. It must be more good news.

“What the hell is going on Wilk?” The man screamed into the phone.

“What are you talking about?” Wilk said in an indignant manner.

“You sent me all the way out here to this castle, and told me that all I had to do was take a trinket from a ninety year old asshole. But when I got here, I found the place crawling with cops. No one is getting in there.”

“There are police at the castle?” Wilk said in disbelief.

“It’s locked up tighter than a drum. These guys aren’t ordinary cops, their GSG 9 troops. That means a terrorist is involved.

“Terrorist!” Wilk repeated in disbelief.

“Yeah, you heard me right,” the mercenary replied. “My five boys and me are about fifty meters from the entrance. The cops are GSG 9 alright.”

“Why are they there?” Wilk wondered out loud.

“You owe me Wilk. I spent a lot of money to set up this burglary. Even if I don’t get the trinket, you’re going to pay me or I will come after you. It won’t be pleasant. Do you hear me?”

Wilk thought quickly. Whenever he was in a tight situation, he was more than willing to sell out his own grandmother to save his skin, even if it affected his long term goals. He decided to give up Banyon and Loni. He also decided to take an offensive position.

“I’ve got two people headed to the castle right now, a man and a cute Asian woman. He will know where the talisman is located. They should be there in about three hours. Do what you have to do to get the talisman. I want it back in Warsaw by noon tomorrow. Then you’ll get your money,” Wilk lied. He had no intention of ever paying the man.

“You’d better be right, Wilk. I know where you live,” the man threatened and hung up the phone.