The Society of Orion Book Seven: the Turkish Finding

SOC #7

To Be Published 11/05/15

Chapter One


The silence was maddening. No one spoke for several minutes. They just stood and glared at each other. The two men faced off in a large bedroom of the penthouse suite in one of the largest hotels in Casablanca, Morocco. The rest of the suite was filled with Colton Banyon’s team. They were resting and recovering from their takedown of Ahmed Fasi. Banyon had ordered the man into the bedroom for a private meeting as soon as he had come through the door.

There was a large king-sized bed between them and only that prevented Colton Banyon from attacking the other man. He had somehow transformed from the ferret to an Air Force Colonel when Banyon turned his back. This stunned Banyon, but he didn’t want to lose his cool. Instead they played a game of who will blink first.

Banyon was very angry with the other man in the room. His name was Colonel Gerald Cole, but was also known as Bart Longwood and Edgar Neville, two longtime friends of Banyon. The man had been playing a sting on Banyon and his crew for a long time. Banyon wanted to know why.

“What the hell is going on?” Banyon finally roared and flapped his arms.

“We need your help,” Colonel Cole replied sheepishly. “In fact we can help each other.”

Banyon knew that eventually he would have to deal with Colonel Cole and his super-secret SIM team. The name was an acronym for “Scientific Investigations Mandate”. Banyon actually knew a lot about the colonel and his team, but didn’t want to divulge anything. He had learned it from Wolf some time ago. However, he wanted to know what the man knew about him and his secrets.

“Why did you infiltrate my team?” Banyon angrily demanded.

“Perhaps I need to explain,” the colonel responded and opened his arms.

“Who are you?” Banyon rapid-fired.

“My name is really Colonel Gerald Cole. As I told you, Bart and Edgar are two of my personas.”

“I’ll be damned if I’ll ever call you Colonel Cole,” Banyon huffed.

“Just call me Jerry, Colt,” the man replied in a defeated tone.

“You haven’t answered my question, Jerry,” Banyon said sarcastically.

“My team had to make sure that we could trust you,” Jerry replied.

“What the hell does that mean?”

“You have sixty-five Orion weapons,” the colonel answered. “We needed to make sure that you would use them for good and not for personal gain. I’m satisfied that you and I are on the same side.”

“And who’s side is that?” Banyon bristled.

“The side that is going to save the world,” the colonel responded.

“Save the world from what?” Banyon asked suspiciously.

“The imminent Sumi invasion.”


Chapter Two

“What imminent Sumi invasion?” Banyon asked with extreme concern.

“Colt, there are two starships already here,” the colonel replied. “They are stationed behind the dark side of the moon. They have been there for a month. We have been able to track them once they appeared.”

“My God!” Banyon uttered out load. He didn’t know that the spaceships were in orbit. Wolf couldn’t track things in outer space. “There could be over four hundred thousand invaders in the two space ships.”

“More,” the man replied. “Carol has actually calculated that there are two hundred and thirty thousand Sumi on board each of the ships. That’s nearly a half a million people.”

Banyon suddenly remembered that Carol had done the calculations while they were in the Tayos Caves.

“Why haven’t they invaded? What are they waiting for?” Banyon suddenly asked.

“Our guess is that there are more ships coming,” the colonel said matter-of-factly.

“But if they attacked in a concentrated force, we wouldn’t be able to stop them,” Banyon reasoned in a panicked voice. “They could deliver hundreds of thousands of Sumi to a specific spot in a few minutes by using their shuttle ships.”

“We know that Colt,” the colonel responded. “In fact, some are already here on earth doing the ground work,” the colonel added.

“What?” Banyon cried out.

“We have a general area where they landed, but we haven’t been able to pinpoint their exact location.”

“I’ll bet they are using the Covers cloaking device,” Banyon reasoned.

“Yes, we believe that is true,” Colonel Cole said and nodded his head.

“What general area?”

“We have tracked shuttle ships to Southeast Asia around Cambodia,” the colonel responded.

“Crap! They’re going to build their new capital in the middle of an unlimited supply of wood,” Banyon gasped. “There they could produce an unlimited supply of Vril, the ultimate power source and weapon.

“Which is why you and your team needs to work with us to stop them,” the colonel pressed Banyon. “If we don’t find a solution then there will be a huge blood bath. The military is planning to fight with everything we have and may even use nuclear weapons to stop them. A war like that could destroy the whole planet.”

“But what can my team do?” Banyon asked suspiciously.

“We have several special weapons of our own,” the colonel replied. “We also will be able to use some of their own weapons against them. Then there are the original Orion weapons which the Sumi can’t control.”

“So you want us to fight? Is that it?” Banyon asked curiously.

“Colt, we also know that you have a special power to find things and people. We don’t know how you do it, and I don’t care how you do it. But I have been tracking you for a long time, Colt. You have been 100% accurate in finding out things. We need to find the Sumi base camp and pinpoint their leaders.”

Banyon was quickly feeling much more comfortable. He realized that the colonel didn’t know about Wolf even though, as Bart, the colonel had attempted to find out his secret for several years. There still was the problem of Colonel Cole knowing that he could find things, but Banyon rationalized that he could deal with that at a later time.

“Do you have a plan?” Banyon asked.

“First we need to collect all the Orion weapons. Then we need to clear out the second depository. And finally we need to confront the Sumi leadership before the killings start,” the colonel responded as he counted off the items using his fingers.

“But there are only a few of us, how can we stop them?” Banyon found himself asking.

“We know some of their weaknesses. I’ll explain.”


After the two men discussed what had to be done, Banyon decided that he needed to find out what information the colonel would share with him. I don’t know if I can trust him. If he doesn’t share information or lies, I can’t trust him.

“Jerry, who do you work for?” Banyon asked.

“I am a DoD employee and have been ever since I finished my education. They recruited me while I was still on campus,” Jerry replied.

Banyon knew that anyone who was recruited directly from the college world was special and had specific skills that the DoD wanted — usually for an existing project. What is the project?

“What’s your background?”

“I graduated from MIT when I was eleven,” the colonel responded humbly. “I have two doctorates. One is in physics and one in ancient foreign languages. I’m also hold a law degree from Northwestern University and a license in Illinois.”

“Wow,” Banyon responded as he was expected to do. “You must be very smart.”

“My IQ is 182.”

Banyon didn’t respond to that, but asked another question. “What is your mission, Jerry?”

“My mission and the mission of my team is to scientifically investigate things that are not normal. We are charged with explaining how they work and how the DoD can benefit from the information.”

“Your team?” Banyon prompted.

“Yes,” the colonel answered. “We are called the SIM team, The Scientific Investigations Mandate. We use science to find answers to anomalies in the world.”

“Who is on your team?”

“There are actually only four of us. My team includes myself, my children, Kenny and Carol, and one other person.”

“Let me stop you right there,” Banyon suddenly said hotly.

“Why?” A confused Colonel Cole asked.

“Because I don’t believe I can trust you,” Banyon growled angrily and gave the colonel a mean look.

“Why do you say that?” the perplexed colonel responded.

“Because you have already lied to me,” Banyon noted.


“I know that Carol and Kenny are not your children.”