The Society of Orion Book Eight: Sumi Collison

SOC #8

To be Published 12/05/15

Chapter One


The night was eerily dark. The guard stared into the distance and decided that he could not tell where the sea met the sky. There was no horizon. Millions of stars twinkled overhead and the quarter-moon reflected a ribbon of light across the calm waters of the sea, but that was the only thing he could see. There was no noise and no movement. Everything was unclear. He thought about his life and future. It was also unclear.

He had been guarding the entrance to the cave for over six hours now — six quiet and lonely hours with nothing to do but think. His assigned position was halfway up a small arid hill at the cave entrance. It overlooked most of the tiny island of Avsa, in the middle of the Marmara Sea near Turkey. What will happen to me? What will happen to my family? Will I ever see them again?

The guard, whose name was Bezo, was part of the small four man advance party sent to earth with the King of Maltos, Anax Yuk. Their responsibility was to coordinate the communications and direct the migration of his people to Earth. The Sumi already on the ground could not directly communicate with the starships. Their devices were not powerful enough. Everything had to be funneled through the control room transmitters. The King wanted to lead from the ground.

Bezo was actually an expert on the maintenance of the transmitters, but had been recently ordered to guard the entrance to the secret control room in the cave. The demand had come from Mongo the protection warrior. It was not part of the original plan and that worried Bezo. Why was I sent out here?

He realized that ever since the people of Maltos had voted to migrate to Earth, the plan had been terribly corrupted. He knew the Sumi were a logical people and they disliked change, especially when it was bad. He considered what had gone wrong.

First of all was the fact that he and many others were conscripted into the invasion force. The people conscripted had all voted against the migration. They were given no choice. To ensure that the drafted men complied, their families were rounded up and sequestered in government camps around Maltos. They were told that if they failed to cooperate, their families would be put to death. Furthermore, if they were to die, the younger Sumi warriors would be able to take their wives as their own. It was a powerful incentive to follow orders and survive.

Also, while they were loading the huge starships, Bezo noticed that many of the devices used for building were enlarged and redesigned for use as offensive weapons. Why did we do that?

Finally there were the dreaded Sumi warriors. They were originally trained as protection for the Sumi who were being sent to build new cities, but several starships contained only warriors. It had all been ordered by the fanatical head of security, Erox.

Something is not right, he realized. I don’t even have a communication device to use to warn the others if someone approached. Mongo wants me out of the way and I think I know why.

Suddenly, Bezo came alert when he heard a noise. He reached for a weapon, but realized that he had not been provided one

Chapter Two

Carol Cole punched her brother Kerry in the arm. It was for making the noise which alerted the Sumi guard that someone was near. He had hit a rock with his foot on the semi-arid desert hill and fell to the ground while attempting to close in on the giant guard. She thought that he had been hit with some sort of weapon, but when she reached him she discovered that he was only clumsy. The guard was now searching the ground with his eyes to find them.

“Go,” Colonel Gerald Cole yelled into their earpieces.

A bright light from a powerful flashlight was suddenly directed at the face of the tall blue guard. It blinded him. He threw up his arms to protect his eyes, just as was planned.

Four men and two women quickly rose from their positions near the cave and raced to engage the guard. Three people, Pramilla, Maya, and Previne, targeted him with their silenced laser-guided machine guns, but did not fire. They wanted to capture the guard. He didn’t wear armor, so they knew that he wasn’t a fanatical warrior.

Before the guard could recover he heard a voice that told him to get on the ground on his stomach. The bright light was still in his eyes so when he tried to see who was talking to him in his language, all he saw was another Sumi in full battle dress. He immediately complied.

Loni reached the guard first and fired her Taser into the middle of his back. Eric arrived a few seconds later and let loose with his weapon. The Sumi guard began convulsing uncontrollably on the ground. When they turned off their weapons, the rest of the team had already cuffed him and tied his legs together. A gag was inserted into his mouth. He was then turned over and sat up against the rocks.

Colton Banyon soon entered the cave area carrying the powerful flashlight. He kept it pointed at the guard and could see that he was very frightened. Gunny Joe dressed in his Sumi warrior outfit stood over him with a mean look on his face.

Gunny Joe grabbed the flashlight and held it high in the air. The light flooded the cave area like it was coming from a streetlamp. The Sumi’s eyes went wide when he saw all the non-blues standing around him. He had been told that they would kill him on sight.

Gunny Joe wore the Sumi Speak device. It allowed him to talk and also to understand their language. He shot out some words that sounded like chalk rubbing across a blackboard. The sound made the rest of Banyon’s team wince.

“We are not here to kill you,” Gunny Joe uttered. “We only seek some information and to have a conversation with your King. I will take off the gag if you promise to not scream.”

Bezo nodded his head in agreement. Loni stepped forward and removed the gag.

“You must hurry,” Bezo said. “I am loyal to my King. I fear that he is in jeopardy. The warrior Mongo intends to eliminate him.”

“Then help us stop him,” Gunny Joe responded.

The Sumi nodded his head.