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Just Prologues : Book beginnings

A Colton Banyon Mystery # 31

A Prologue is a short story placed at the beginning of a novel. Its purpose is to provide information that will be used to give background and hints to help the reader understand the literary rantings of the author.

The Prologue may have nothing to do with the book, but gets the reader thinking in a guided direction.

My Prologues are loaded with true facts as are all my novels. To read the recap and the first chapter of each book got to my website:

The Anunnaki Purse

Colton BanyonMystery # 32

When Colton Banyon and his team decides to take on a case to find an ancient artifact, they have no idea of the complications they will encounter in retrieving the piece of antiquity. The wealthy, strong-minded, Egyptian socialite, Karin Katton, who hires them, has many hidden secrets and the Anunnaki Purse has several of its’ own.

They quickly discover who has the artifact, but find out Miss. Katton has many artifacts of her own that need immediate safeguarding. He must protect her and her treasures first.

As they stumble through their adventure, they discover the seedy world of artifact stealing and must battle a rogue military unit, North Korean special forces, tomb raiders, and even the Anunnaki themselves. All have different goals and are determined to meet them.

Colton Banyon begins to question if the Anunnaki Purse should be revealed to the world. It would prove the Anunnaki exists and controls humanity. Are they really gods?

A Dubious Rock

Colton BanyonMystery # 33

When an unidentified young woman is found murdered in a speedboat at the dock in Long Beach, California, Colton Banyon and his team are called in to help identify the woman and solve the mystery. The only evidence is several rocks found in the boat.

As the case unfolds, Colt discovers that the rocks are the key to solving the murder, but they also point to a huge conspiracy that involves several government agencies, international organizations, gangs, and even the US government. At stake is trillions of dollars.

Colt and his Team must fight several battles to protect the Homeland Security agents working the case. They decide to become proactive and develop a plan to end the conspiracy, but find themselves at risk during every step of the way.

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