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A Dubious Mission

    Colton Banyon Mystery #1


(A history of the Aryan race is found)  

Colton Banyon, a middle-aged businessman, has had a string of bad luck. With all his financial difficulties and failed personal relationships, he is worried about the future. He does not have to wait very long before the next shoe drops. An organized group of bandits invade his house. Barely escaping, he realizes that he has no idea what they were after. But, some old war medals are missing. His only clue is that one of the men had a swastika on his neck. As he attempts to report the incident to the local police, he faces a law officer that has little interest in his job and a bad attitude toward Banyon arising from a car accident that occurred a year earlier.

While at the station house, Banyon finds out that there has been an assault on his beautiful and mysterious Indian neighbor. The incidents seem connected and may involve a police officer. Detective Carl Heinz initiates an investigation into a conspiracy in his department. He solicits the help of the lovely and talented Special Agent Loni Chen. But, she becomes much more then he bargained for. The conspiracy looms larger and revolves around a local Black woman whom every one seems to know.

Banyon soon learns that White Supremacists, a Black gang, the Police, the FBI, and various others are all after the same thing – the true history of the Aryan race and Banyon is smack in the middle of the hunt due to his roots.

Together, and with additional characters along the way, Banyon discovers a plot that dates back many decades, prior to World War II. The plot involves the haunted house where Banyon grew up, and someone that no one, but Banyon, can identify.He begins to believe that everything has been put into motion and is controlled by one person, the mysterious Walter Pierce, who wants Banyon to return to his old house. But, why?

Banyon heeds the call of destiny and participates in an event of mammoth proportions, where survival is far from assured

A Dubious Secret

   Colton Banyon Mystery #2

(Book #2 – A signed copy of Mein Kampf is discovered. It contains secrets)

Colton Banyon wants to forget his past. There were scary things there and now he suddenly is getting hints that his past has not forgot him. The ringing in his ears is just a prelude of a more disturbing future. He had to deal with ghosts, curses, Aryans, obsessed women, and the government in a past mystery.

He soon discovers that they all are back and they want him to solve another mystery. He also discovers that he has found a “soulmate” and sets about bringing her close to him.

Together they are asked to find the owner of a book. But this is no ordinary book. It is the #2 copy of Mein Kampf, the infamous ranting of a fascist Hitler. The owner and the book have not been heard from in over sixty years, but suddenly the book is found in the jungles of Mindano and the search for the owner is on.

The trail leads them from ancient China to a storm ravaged Mobile, a cruise and eventually to Florida. All the while, they are chased, followed and lead by unseen forces. You see, there are secrets in the book that could change history. Some want to stop the secrets, and some want to implement the secrets.

A Dubious Dream

   Colton Banyon Mystery #3

(Book #3 – A mysterious Black Diamond  comes to earth and has supernatural powers)

Colton Banyon is told to go to sleep. Wolf, his secret mentor, tells him that he will narrate an unusual story about a Black Diamond. It is no ordinary diamond. It arrived on earth thousands of years ago and has the power to transfer energy to people. It can both give them super powers and also destroy them.

Professor Adam Wesley discovers the history of the Black Diamond and sets off on the trail. For more than forty years he tracks the Black Diamond and discovers and meets a variety of historical people who have touched the diamond along the way. The question is will he succeed or fall prey to the Black Diamond.

A Dubious Terrain                                                                Colton Banyon Mystery #4

A Dubious Terrain 3112

(Book # 4 – A plot to take over America politically and institute an all white nation)

The Nazi’s are back and this time they mean business. Colton Banyon must stop an insidious plot to change how we protect our national freedoms. He and his band of unique sidekicks are after three artifacts that have been taken from security facilities by someone in the government. The multiple plots are connected to drug dealers, politicians, Homeland Security, a Nazi organization, and the fight game in Las Vegas. Even the Mayor is involved in a plot.

Only this time something has gone very wrong. Banyon must drop everything and come to the aid of Wolf, his secret mentor. The threat has gotten very personal for him. In the balance is the future of the political choices for the people of the country and Banyon’s ability to talk to Wolf. A choice must be made.

He discovers a string of unrelated events that will come together on the streets of Las Vegas. If he doesn’t stop the events, many will die and American Politics will be changed forever. Everything is controlled by a modern day Nazi organization called the Effort. Banyon finds out the organization is much bigger and stronger than anyone imagined. But can he stop them or lose everything by trying.

A Dubious Plan                                                                                        Colton Banyon Mystery #5


(Book # 5 – An old Nazi warplane contains many secrets)

In the fifth Colton Banyon mystery, Banyon and his sidekick Loni are called to Death Valley just as they are about to attend the wedding in Las Vegas. The wedding is very significant as one of the Patel sisters is marrying Eric, Wolf’s long lost grandson. Loni is determined to make it happen as it will end the curse that sexually attracts the Patel sisters to her man.

However, an old German war plane has been found in the sand dunes of Death Valley and contains many mysteries. They drive out to inspect the discovery as Banyon believes  the find is very important. As they attempt to unravel the mysteries, they discover a plan that goes back to the end of World War II and could affect modern day America.

Soon they find someone who was on the plane and possesses a map to a hidden cave. But an old Nazi knows about the cave and a war develops in the barren desert. Banyon calls in his team but finds out  they are on their own as the old Nazi attacks. The old Nazi is after something, but what? Banyon and his entire team face immense peril. And then bad things start to happen.

A Dubious Artifact                                                                                 Colton Banyon Mystery #6

BookCoverImage[1] (2)

 (Book # 6 – A formula for alchemy is found) 

Colton Banyon is having a good day when he learns  the Chinese and the Effort are after an old artifact which was willed to him by his father. He later discovers that Loni is also tied to the artifact. Written on the old piece of solid gold are formulas which go back thousands of years, formulas that could put the world’s currency and financial stability in jeopardy. His old nemesis, Dr. Carol Thorne suddenly returns and wants the artifact at any cost, but Banyon is one step ahead of her and hatches a plan to protect it. His team of sidekicks soon appear to help.

Unfortunately the Chinese are not so easily put off. Within hours, Banyon’s life becomes at risk and several gun battles ensue. He and his team retreat to an FBI safe house, but are discovered and both the Chinese and the Effort attack with an army of killers. Banyon must take down the Nazi leaders of the Effort and defeat the Chinese while protecting the artifact.

He does have the help from Wolf, but the spirit tells him some of his friends may die and he has to make the choices. In the final battle, the unthinkable happens, some of his friends die and he must carry on without them.

A Dubious Position                                                                              Colton Banyon Mystery #7

Cover - A Dubious Position

 ( Book # 7 – War between the United States and Mexico is imminent)

In the seventh Colton Banyon mystery, Banyon starts a new position at a prestigious law firm. The job has been arranged by the President of the United States. He quickly discovers that this is no ordinary law firm. All the workers have special talents and are often called upon by the government to help stop situations that the government can’t solve themselves. Banyon finds that many of the female employees are very different and alluring. He is on the job for only a few hours when a major crisis begins to take shape. War between Mexico and The United States is brewing and he needs to find a way to defuse it. Someone is creating disasters on both sides of the Rio Grande and they must be stopped.

Loni and the Patel sisters are not around to help. They have left the country for an adventure of their own where they have the opportunity to find a valuable treasure. Only Eric Grey and Banyon are left to solve and stop the crisis. They employ several of the law firm’s contract employees and set about finding answers. In between they have to deal with murders, kidnappings, bombings and a Mexican hit squad out to kill them.

They soon discover that the Effort, the longtime American Nazi organization, is involved and Banyon hatches a complicated plan to take down the leaders. He then lures the hit squad to Las Vegas for a final showdown in one of American’s national parks. But things never go as planned.

A Dubious Curse                                                                                     Colton Banyon Mystery #8

(Book # 8 – The formula for an incredible energy source called Vril is sought)

In book number eight of the Colton Banyon series, Banyon faces a threat from outside the normal world. An old Nazi has discovered a curse which puts him in the same place as Wolf, Banyon’s spirit partner. The Nazi wants to use his son and the Effort, the modern American Nazi movement, to find a lost book. But it is no ordinary book. The book contains the formula for the energy source Hitler wanted to use for his flying saucers. The formula is so powerful it could be used for time travel and that is exactly what the old Nazi wants to do. He wants to change history.

Banyon must find and protect a woman who is the direct descendent of the leader of the Vril Society, a secret German organization that believed in a utopia. She holds the key to locating the book of the Vril, but she doesn’t know she holds it. Banyon, his partner Loni Chen and his team set out to protect the woman and find the book. They also call in several bodyguards from the law firm where Banyon occasionally works. The problem is the old Nazi can see everything they are doing and sends Effort men to kill them and collect the book. Banyon must use speed, deception and distance to protect his group while he develops a plan to stop the Nazi.

Along the way Loni discovers a woman with blue skin, who she believes is an alien. Banyon also discovers an ancient transmitter which is sending telepathic messages, along with a plot to corner the silver market, and finds out several NSA agents are also after him. They could ruin all his plans. He must act quickly or all will be lost.

A Dubious Crime                                                                                   Colton Banyon Mystery #9

Cover - A Dubious Crime 53014
(Book # 9 – The story of the WWII Japanese research center Unit 731) 

The morning starts out like a routine day for Colton Banyon. Except, the insanely jealous, Loni wants to come to the office and scope out the women that Banyon works with at Dewey & Beatem in Chicago. The entire Patel clan has gone to India to visit with relatives. Previne stays behind, at Banyon’s request to inspect an archeological dig site in Las Vegas,. Then the unthinkable happens. There is an explosion at the dig site and Previne is left clinging to life. Her doctors say that she will never recover and they will turn off her life support equipment in three days.

Banyon soon discovers that the explosion is no accident and is part of a heinous plot by someone who is just drumming up business. The bomb was purposely planted to sensationalize the atrocities committed by the Japanese, during World War II at a secret facility called Unit 731.

When Banyon attempts to notify the Patel clan of Previne’s peril, he finds that they are on a remote mountainside in the Himalayas and in serious jeopardy themselves. They must defend their long lost Aunt from a murderous lawyer. They may not get back to Las Vegas in time to say goodbye to their sister. In fact, they may not even survive. He resolves to save Previne and put a stop to the monstrous plot at the same time. Wolf, of course, agrees to help.
He enlists help from people at Dewey & Beatem and along with Loni begins to unravel the plot. The plan to save Previne includes stealing something from Area 51, bringing down a major mobster in Mumbai, India and his worldwide organization. It also involves stopping additional bomb threats, dealing with the San Francisco branch of the Tong, and uncovering additional documents concerning Unit 731 from a gravesite in Japan.
All must be done in less than three days, or Previne will die.

 A Dubious Device-The Nanobot Terror                                Colton Banyon Mystery #10

ADubiousDevice (7)
(Killer Nanobots are unleashed)

Can nanobots be used for good and evil? You can the find out the chilling answer in A Dubious Device.

While he is on vacation, Colton Banyon is suddenly arrested on a charge of multiply murders and hauled off to jail. During his interrogation by Detective Haleigh Taylor, he finds out that someone is using a book he has written to kill death row inmates at several Nevada prisons.
Eventually he is cleared of the murders and is asked to help solve them. The President of the United States tells Banyon that the inmates are being murdered by a plague and nanobots are the vehicle.

Banyon discovers that the nanobots are controlled by an old Nazi named Bernard Schultz on behalf of the Effort, the modern day version of the Nazis. Schultz intends to do some old-fashion ethnic cleansing and take over the American government.

Meanwhile, Banyon and the rest of his team attempt to recover an ancient artifact that has unusual powers before the Effort can use it to take down the President.

Soon the United States is in chaos, the government is about to fall and millions are about to die. Banyon must save the day, but can he stop the nanobot terror.

Books By Gerald J.Kubicki 1-10   11-20   21-30 31-40