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The Society of Orion: The Turkish Findings                                  A Colton Banyon Mystery #21

SOC #7

(The real Plot of the series)

The Forever Ours team has just finished a mission. They are relaxing and recovering in a hotel in Casablanca. Colton Banyon discovers that some of the people with him are not who they seem. They are another ultra-secret organization called the SIM team and are headed up by someone Banyon knows well.

Meanwhile, the Sumi have begun their migration to earth and are faced with some stiff resistance. Their Cambodian location is attacked and the Sumi have to defend their new home.

Banyon sends part of the team to the Vatican to retrieve the remaining Orionweapons. One weapon could change the course of the invasion.

The rest of the team head off to Turkey to find and stop the leader of the Sumi Anax Yuk. But just before Banyon enters the cave where the leader is conducting the migration, he discovers new information and everything changes.



The Society of Orion: Sumi Collision                                              A Colton Banyon Mystery #22

SOC #8

(This means war)

War breaks out between the Sumi and the non-blue earthlings. Nothing is what it seems to be as the leadership of the Sumi changes. The peaceful migration has now turned into a full invasion of earth.

Colton Banyon and his now combined team has once chance to change the course of events. He has found the one thing that can stop the invaders, but he has several obstacles to over come and time is running out.

Can he save earth and also save the Sumi? Find our in this thrilling conclusion to the series.

The Oracle Philon                                                                                   A Colton Banyon Mystery #23


(What has he done?)

Something is happening to the weather. Catastrophic events are occurring all over the world. The newly formed Mysterious Artifacts Department (MAD) team is called in to investigate. The events are manmade and deliberately triggered by formulas found in an ancient text written by the scholar Philon.

They soon discover that two groups of terrorists and the United States government all have a working model of a device that produces natural disasters. It works best in parts of the world called Vortices. The Bermuda Triangle is one. There are many more.

The team must battle jihadists, white supremacists and time is running out. The use of the weapons has seriously damaged the magnetic field that surrounds the earth. If they can’t surmount the impossible odds, the earth will lose the protection of the magnetic field and it could become a wasteland, just like Mars.

The four person MAD team is out gunned and undermanned, but never backs down from the fight. It takes them all over the world in order to stop the device built from the codex called Oracle Philon.

Colton Banyon Mysteries 4-7                                                                A Colton Banyon Mystery #24

ColtonBanyonBoxset2 (2)
(Forming a team)

The original team was just Colt and Loni, but as time progressed, they discovered that they needed more help and begin adding members while solving several mysteries. These books cover the progression of the Forever Ours team. They start out stopping the Effort’s Presidental candidate, then uncover a plot that was over sixty years old involving flying saucers. They next stop a Chinese plot to destroy gold prices and finishs up by averting war with Mexico. Along the way they make many more friends and unusual characters.

The Society of Orion – Complete Series                                            A Colton Banyon Mystery #25

TheSocietyofOrion-boxset (1)

(Who was Orion?)

Colton Banyon unwittingly stumbles on to a very secret society that has existed since Greek gods roamed the earth. The Society of Orion was formed to protect the weapons that the Greek hero Orion used to fight unknown enemies. Some of the weapons have gone missing and Banyon vows to get them back. He and his team travel all over the world in search of the items and discovers that they are going to need every one of them because the original inhabitants of earth are coming back to stay. They have a plan that involves a huge army and some devistating weapons. Along with stopping the Sumi, Colton Banyon and his Forever Ours team must also solve many mysteries.

The Dubious SIM Team                                                                     A Colton Banyon Mystery #26

(What’s left after the Sumi Attack)

The Sumi war ended with several ruined cities and millions of people dead. When the defeated Sumi left, they took all evidence of themselves and their weapons, but over fifty weapons went missing. The newly formed Scientific Investigations Mandate team (SIM) is charged with finding and collecting the weapons for the Pentagon.

While the team heads to India to recovery one weapon, five more suddenly pop-up for sale in the Dark Web. Colton Banyon and his unique team steps in to help, but they must stay in the background and covertly help the SIM team while making sure that the devastating weapons are destroyed.

The mission gets complicated when several murderous groups decide that they want the weapons for themselves. Banyon and his team try to hold them off while the SIM team races to the location of the weapons. But will they get there in time?

The Westhampton Hurricane                                                             A Colton Banyon Mystery #27

(Secrets uncovered by the Storm)

In the early fall of 1966, A hurricane hits the ocean resort community of Westhampton, NY. It breaks through the barrier island of Dune Road and washes several houses into the bay. It has happened before.

A brash young Colton Banyon and his friend Dale decide to have a look, but are prevented from entering the area by the military. It seems the storm has dredged up more than the houses and the western part of Dune Road is suddenly off limits to everyone.The storm has uncovered a lost German U-Boat that hides a secret. But there are also more items discovered that are threatening a way of life.

Colt and Dale embark on a weekend long adventure that takes them all over town while meeting with several unusual characters as they try to uncover the secrets of the Westhampton Hurricane.

The Westhampton Scare  
        A Colton Banyon Mystery #28

(Secrets at the missile base)

Colton Banyon had just finished his sophomore year at college in 1968 and was home in Westhampton for the summer. In had opted to stay in the bunkroom upstairs at the restaurant where he worked with some college friends and other workers from the city rather than live at home. He was leading an idealist life, right out of a novel, he had money, girlfriends, the beach and a great car.

But everything abruptly changed and his whole world seemed to collapse in one day. It happened when he and his friend Larry Barber decided to get a jump on a geology class for the next semester.

They trespassed on some secret government land at the wrong time. A nuclear missile warhead went missing on that same day. Colt and his family became suspects and had to face the very aggressive Major Janet Jeffries who headed up the recovery search. Her real goal was to takedown a Russian sleeper cell who she believed stole the weapon. Her mission took her all over eastern Long Island, and everywhere she went, she found evidence of Colton Banyon. She began to wonder if he was part of the cold war sleeper cell.

Colt decided he needed to protect his family and his friends while staying out of jail himself, but there were others who wanted him to be blamed.

The Westhampton Fire
        A Colton Banyon Mystery #29


Loni Chen wakes up with a sense that something is wrong. When she turns to Colton Banyon, she finds he is in what appears to be a trance. He soon tells her that he was actually trying to listen to a call for help—from a ghost.

Colt and Loni figure out that the message is coming from his old house in Westhampton, New York when the President of the United States calls and asks them to find something that has caused a huge fire just north of his old home.

As they leave their Las Vegas retreat, they have the feeling that there is something much bigger going on in Westhampton. They call in their special team and begin an adventure that will decide the fate of the world. In involves: a huge fire, round metal robots, five hundred ghosts, monsters from hell, an alien invasion, and a government conspiracy.

Colt must sift through a maze of double-crosses, miss-information, and roadblocks to find the truth and decide who to support to stop a plot worthy of the devil.

The Hemp Conspiracy
    A Colton Banyon Mystery #30



The Forever Ours Team’s resident geek, Timmy, discovers a mysterious message on the Dark Web. The message is actually an auction for some plant seeds and a formula. The opening bid will be one billion dollars.

Timmy informs Colton Banyon who investigates the strange message. He soon finds out that the seeds grow a product called super hemp and is the brain child of an environmental scientist. The professor is unaware that his product is up for bid.

He realizes the professor is in danger so Colt and Loni rescue the scientist and then they must protect him. It doesn’t prove easy as the Russian Mafia, the government, big business and an old nemesis are all after the seeds.

Banyon has to call in his entire team to fight them off. He sets up his defense at the law offices of Dewey & Beatem, but despite good planning, everything goes haywire. The entire team winds up in mortal jeopardy.

 Books By Gerald J.Kubicki  1-10   11-20   21-30 31-40