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The Society of Orion Book One: Weapons                                      A Colton Banyon Mystery #11


(The society protects Orions weapons)

Was Orion a real person? Did he have weapons that he left on earth?

Colton Banyon and his partner Loni Chen receive an invitation to a ceremony for a dedication for his famous ancestor Jakub Banyon. When they arrive in Warsaw, Poland, they were promptly attacked and kidnapped. They soon escape and go after the kidnappers only to discover that they are controlled by the head of a very secret organization called the Society of Orion. He needs their help.

The leader explains that the Society of Orion is charged with the protection of the Orion weapons, but some have all gone missing. The leader, Albin Wilk, wants Banyon to find the missing fifteen weapons in three days because some of them had been activated. He tells Banyon that the crisis is caused by his ancestor, Jakub Banyon, because he kept a diary that explained the powers and how to work each weapon. The diary had recently been discovered and published in a newspaper.

Soon, Banyon discovers that the history of the Wilk family and the Banyon family have been tied together for hundreds of years. Nothing is what it seems. He decides to find the weapons and clear his ancestor’s name.

While Loni puts together a chart of the weapons and where to locate them, Banyon begins to call in the troops. They include the Patel clan and people from Dewey & Beatem. Soon they have a plan and begin the recovery of the weapons. But nothing goes as planned and Banyon must make constant iterations to stay ahead of the many people after the talismans.

The Society of Orion Book Two: Recovery                      A Colton Banyon Mystery #12



(What are the powers of the Orion talismans?)

The hunt for the Orion weapons starts with Loni Chen and Colton Banyon as they drive for Hamburg, Germany to retrieve the Time talisman. Banyon has recently discovered that Albin Wilk, the head of the Society of Orion is a fake. He and Loni plan a deception and send Wilk on a wild goose chase as they double-back and go after another talisman.

Meanwhile, Banyon has deployed several people from Dewey & Beatem to protect The Magic Belt talisman which is located in Wisconsin. It is in the hands of a former adversary. They soon discover that a band of mercenaries is headed there and the people on the scene must defend the talisman from a murderous assault. Several people die.

Banyon discovers that Wilk has sent mercenaries after each talisman. Banyon must set up a defense for each one while speeding along a highway in the dead of night. He is hampered by the limitations of his spirit mentor, but soon uncovers a much deeper plot. Wilk plans to sell the talismans to the North Koreans. It was all scheduled to happen in the Banyon Arcades in three days.

He begins to put his own plan in place. He intends to set everything right. But he soon discovers further complications, and he is running out of time.


The Society of Orion  Book Three: Deception                               A Colton Banyon Mystery #13


(What are Orion weapons worth)

What would happen if a country like North Korean obtained the Orion weapons?

They are only in Poland a few hours and the Patel sisters face a monstrous threat as several mercenaries invade their hotel suite intending to kill them and steal the talisman they have brought from India. With the help of Colton Banyon they manage to capture the men and set them free in the park across the street. They then head off to Freud-a-size several other people.

Eric and Loni head off to another location to recover another talisman, but run into a very unhappy mercenary who wants to kill Wilk. They subdue the man, but have to wait for several hours until help can arrive to finish their mission.

Meanwhile, the Dewey & Beatem people arrive from America. Banyon has summoned because he needs to save twelve people from a fraudulent hospital. They put their plan in motion and bring Josephine Wilk, the aunt of Albin Wilk back to their suite. She is a necessary part of his plan to set everything right and collect the Orion weapons.

As usual, Colton Banyon runs into many complications.




A Dubious Mission-The Aryan Tablet                                                A Colton Banyon Mystery #14

ADubiousMission (3)

(This is the second edition )

Colton Banyon, a middle-aged businessman, has had a string of bad luck. With all his financial difficulties and failed personal relationships, he is worried about the future. He does not have to wait very long before the next shoe drops.

An organized group of bandits invade his house. Barely escaping, he realizes that he has no idea what they were after. But, some old war medals are missing. His only clue is that one of the men had a swastika on his neck. As he attempts to report the incident to the local police, he faces a law officer that has little interest in his job and a bad attitude toward Banyon arising from a car accident that occurred a year earlier.

While at the station house, Banyon finds out that there has been an assault on his beautiful and mysterious Indian neighbor. The incidents seem connected and may involve a police officer. Detective Carl Heinz initiates an investigation into a conspiracy in his department. He solicits the help of the lovely and talented Special Agent Loni Chen. But, she becomes much more then he bargained for. The conspiracy looms larger and revolves around a local Black woman whom every one seems to know.

Banyon soon learns that White Supremacists, a Black gang, the Police, the FBI, and various others are all after the same thing – the true history of the Aryan race and Banyon is smack in the middle of the hunt due to his roots.

Together, and with additional characters along the way, Banyon discovers a plot that dates back many decades, prior to World War II. The plot involves the haunted house where Banyon grew up, and someone that no one, but Banyon, can identify.

He begins to believe that everything has been put into motion and is controlled by one person, the mysterious Walter Pierce, who wants Banyon to return to his old house. But, why?

Banyon heeds the call of destiny and participates in an event of mammoth proportions, where survival is far from assured.


A Dubious Race -The Phoenician Stones                                            Colton Banyon Mystery  #15

 Adubiousrace (1)
(Ancient tablets containing the history of the Phoenicians is stolen)

Colton Banyon enters the Law offices of Dewey & Beatem and finds his business partner, Bart, has gone missing He becomes mired in paperwork to keep the organization functioning. His day goes downhill from there as an old client; Professor Lisa Lange suddenly intrudes and asks for his immediate help.

Professor Lange claims she has uncovered evidence which solves several ancient archeological mysteries and poses a few more. She has photos of ancient stones which tell an unbelievable story. She claims the Phoenicians discovered America and discloses evidence to prove it. Not only that, she claims the Phoenicians never left and are still here.

Professor Lange needs Banyon’s help because one of the stones has been stolen from a ranch in Nevada. She needs it back as proof of her theories.

Banyon and his new team members race to the ranch to investigate, but soon find out there multiple suspects in the thief and an incredibly determined villain who will stop at nothing to own the ranch.




The Society of Orion: The Orion Codex                                       Colton Banyon Mystery #16

TheSocietyofOrion-bookfour (1)
(A book of the Orion weapons)

Colton Banyon and his team, now called the Forever Ours team, has just purchased a law firm in Chicago when they receive a cryptic email from a monk in Ecuador delivered my two unsuspecting young treasure hunters. The monk wants them to recover the Orion Codex, the record of the Orion weapons.

They immediately head off to South America, but have more questions than answers as the monk does not seem to exist. Soon after they land, they are attacked by the white supremacy group who have stolen codex.

Banyon quickly discovers some very disturbing things about The Society of Orion, the monk, the supremacy group, and the mysterious Tayos caves. He sets off with his team to explore the caves, but is followed by an army of bad guys who want to kill him. Will he reach the Tayos caves, or die in the Amazonian jungle?






The Polish Discovery                                                                               A Colton Banyon Mystery  #17



(Discovery of The Society of Orion and adventures in Poland)

This is a three book box set of Colton Banyon’s adventures in Poland. It starts out with a history of Banyon’s famous ancestor. Then both Loni and Banyon are kidnapped. They escape and discover The Society of Orion.

The society had been around for thousands of years and protects the unique weapons that Orion used on earth. While Orion was a Geek mythical character, the evidence points to a real half-man and half-god.

But some of the weapons have gone missing. The society enlists Banyon’s help in finding them, but things are not what they seem inside the society.

As Colt and his team rush to recover the weapons, there are many who have plots of their own. He must fend them off and recover the weapons in three days.







The Society of Orion: The Tayos Caves                                             A Colton Banyon Mystery  # 18

theorionsociety-Bookfive (1)

(Exploring the caves)

After returning from their unsuccessful attempt to enter the Tayos caves, the Forever Ours team discovers that the devious monk who sent them there has died. At the cemetery, they meet Ahmad Fasi, who is head of The Society of Orion in Morocco. He threatens Banyon. He wants all the Orion weapons for himself.

Banyon and his team put together a plan to stop the Arab and to set the stage to go after the weapons he possesses at a later time. They then head back to the Tayos caves. When they get there they find that nothing is as it appears to be. The real use of the caves is something far more threatening. Trapped in the caves, the entire team faces elimination.










Colton Banyon Mysteries: Books 1-3                                                A Colton Banyon Mystery  #19


(Box box set of first three mysteries)

At this point, I’ve written many Colton Banyon Mysteries. I’m often asked, “Where did you find these characters?” While each book I’ve written provides enough background for readers to understand the personalities, they each have extensive backgrounds.

Books One and Two explain who Wolf, the spirit, was when he lived. He has a colorful background. Colton Banyon starts the series as a broken man, but must rally to survive. When Loni Chen enters the series she doesn’t even like Colton Banyon. The Three Patel sisters seem obsessed with Colton Banyon. The books explain why.

Book Three is about an artifact that has popped up in several of my novels.

All of my characters are flawed, but band together from some unbelievable adventures. I hope you enjoy the ride.



The Society of Orion: The Moroccan Affair                                A Colton Banyon Mystery  #20

SOC #6

(Demise of a competitor)

In the beginning, Colton Banyon believed that The Society of Orion was just another group of people who believed in a myth—the Greek myth of Orion the Hunter. But he was soon convinced that they protected Orion’s weapons for a good reason. They may have to be used again.The adventure started in Poland where Banyon discovered that all the Orion weapons had special powers. The problem was they were lost. He scrambled to find the missing weapons, but other people were after them too. There was much money to be made from the sale of the weapons and there were murderous mercenaries who will stop at nothing to obtain them. Banyon and his team recovered several weapons, but he began to understand that several chapters of the society had become corrupt.Next Banyon was summoned to Ecuador where a devious clergyman tricked him into helping the monk stop a plot to take over the country by a supremacist group.

The hook was The Orion Codex which is a record of all the weapons and the Tayos Caveswhere many ancient artifacts have been found. But Banyon and his team had to perform several tasks before they were given the true location of the caves.In book five, they met Ahmed Fasi, the head of the Moroccan chapter of the society. He is the most corrupt of all the society members and threatens Colton Banyon. He wanted the weapons that Banyon has collected. Banyon decided to take Fasi down. After a confrontation, he let the Arab escape back to Morocco. Now Banyon’s team can then collect all the weapons from Fasi’s hidden vault.

Meanwhile, the team explores the Tayos caves and runs across a machine that almost killed them. While in the caves they uncover a plot that is over five hundred million years old. The original inhabitants of earth, the Sumi, are planning to come back to earth.

Colton Banyon is now desperate to collect all of Orion’s weapons to mount a defense against the invasion. He needs the weapons which Ahmed Fasi controls and is now ready to start the Moroccan Affair.ome back to their home planet.

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