About Gerald J. Kubicki

I was born and raised on Eastern Long Island in the Westhampton area. My youth was full of adventures since we had miles of woods surrounding my home and we were near the ocean. I didn’t know until I reached college that most people didn’t have celebrities living nearby. The Hamptons are loaded with them. I considered myself an athlete and excelled in baseball. My goal was to play major league baseball, but a shoulder injury ended that dream.

I attended college at Suny Plattsburgh on an academic scholarship and I am a proud member of Theta Kappa Beta fraternity. My mother told people that I was an educated bum.

I moved to New York City in 1970. My degree was useless and I worked a variety of jobs including food service, bartending and recruiting models and secretaries. That was fun, but not much money. I eventually entered the business world.

My first real job was in the Consumer Products industry. I was hired by a major manufacturer of food products.They trained me to be an executive and also to believe that anything is possible.  They exposed me to the broader world. After ten years my division was sold and I moved on to the car wax business in an executive position and started to travel to other countries increasing my knowledge base. Eventually I went to work for the huge conglomerate, where I became involved with trade organizations for consumer products companies. As the age of computers blossomed I became an expert in developing business for our customers and developed many trusted contacts in business. This resulted in my development of a consulting business.

My hobbies are golf, reading, writing, traveling, all sports, cooking and even a little gambling. I am an accomplished speaker and have been certificated in Behavior Modification, facilitation, and business organization. I studied business management at Hofstra university. In addition to owning a consulting business, I also started an English language school in China.

My basis philosophies are: History will repeat itself, we are products of our environment, knowledge is always the key and everyone deserves justice. They are reflected in my books. One more thing, I also believe that there are unexplainable phenom.

Kristopher was born in the Chicago suburb of Hawthorn Woods, Illinois.  While attending the University of Illinois Chicago, he started the technology blog DailyTech.  Today DailyTech is read by millions and is one of the oldest and most syndicated tech blogs on the internet.

In addition, Kristopher spent the majority of his university career developing software that monitors online pricing and promotions. In 2007 he co-founded Dynamite Data, a data analytics company. In 2013 Market Track, a Chicago-based market research company acquired Dynamite Data and Kristopher today serves as Chief Technology Officer.

Kristopher is recognized as an industry expert in data mining and is a frequent speaker on the subject at industry conventions. His experience in blogging and writing about technology allows him to join his father in writing novels.