A Dubious Plan


A Dubious Plan

Chapter One

It was a beautiful day in Death Valley. Even though it was only mid-April, the temperature was already over 90 degrees, and it was just ten in the morning. The skies were bright blue and didn’t contain a hint of a cloud in the entire valley. The relentless winds were calm this morning.

Death Valley is located between two high mountain ranges that run from the north to the south. It’s long and desolate. Other than the few roads that snake through the valley, there are only a couple of passable trails in the vast region. The rest of the land is empty, vacant, and hostile. It can be very dangerous too. A visitor could easily get lost and because of the economy, there are few park rangers to come to the rescue. The largest town, Furnace Creek, has a population of less than fifty people. The area is large, barren, uninhabited, and, if you got in trouble, there is almost no cell phone reception.

The Death Valley National Park is, however, starkly beautiful. The scenery is sometimes breathtaking and sometimes serenely barren. It also contains the lowest point in North America, 282 feet
below sea level. It is the driest area in the Americas, with less than two inches of rainfall on average per year. Temperatures in the Valley have been recorded as high as 136 degrees in the summer. It can be a most inhospitable place, but is also one of the most visited National Parks in America. The three thousand square mile park is located just west of Southern Nevada and is actually in the great state of California. It is in easy driving distance from several major cities including: Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. It is like visiting another world. It is a great place to be alone and a great place to go for a hike.

Brent Maguson had booked the only hotel in Furnace Creek for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. He booked only one room with two beds because he was not alone. His entourage included three young women; one of them was from his office.

Brent was a successful middle-aged salesperson for an electronics company in San Francisco. He was still in good shape and had little trouble getting dates, but this was different. Cindy, the woman from his office, was his administrative assistant. One of other women in the car was her roommate and the third woman was a friend. He planned to have very good time with all the young women over the weekend. As he cruised down Hwy 190 in the middle of Death Valley, he thought about his incredibly good luck. He had not planned to be headed for Death Valley this weekend, but Cindy had convinced him with an offer that he could not refuse.

Cindy was very pretty woman of Chinese descent with short brown hair and the body of a runner. She was also about half his age. She was currently dressed in very short white shorts and a pink tube top. She sat next to him in the front seat of his year-old Jeep Cherokee and constantly flirted with him, just as she did at work. He glanced at her exposed light brown legs and wished that they were at the hotel already.

He checked his rearview mirror and was shocked and immediately excited. The two women in the back were locked in a passionate embrace. The blonde, Chelsea, was partly lying on top of the redhead, Alesha. Both girls were in short blue denim skirts and golf shirts. Alesha had her blue shirt pushed up around her neck and Chelsea was hard at work undoing her bra. Brent adjusted the rearview mirror so that he could get a better view.

Cindy noticed that Brent was staring into the rearview mirror and immediately undid her seat belt and turned around on her knees in the seat, exposing her small ass to Brent. It was a nice view.

“Hey, what are you two doing back there,” she questioned in a scolding, sexy voice that Brent had never heard before.

“We can’t wait. Come and join us,” replied Alesha.

Cindy started to throw her leg over the seat, but stopped and reached over and stroked Brent on his face. Her hand drifted down his front and suddenly brushed his now excited groin area.

“Wow,” she exclaimed. “You are already excited. Don’t you worry, Brent, you’ll have your chance very soon,” she reassured him as she breathed into his ear. She then dropped down into the back seat.

Brent was ready to stop the car right there, but he readjusted the mirror again and thought about the weekend trip. He wondered if he had been set up, it had happen so quickly. It all started when Cindy had come into his office on Wednesday and stood by his desk pouting. That meant that she wanted to talk.

“Why the pout on such a pretty face?” Brent sincerely asked.

“I’ve got a big problem,” she confessed.

“I’m guessing that I can help?” he confidently replied.

“I doubt it,” she answered, but stood next to him without moving.

“Okay, sit down, let’s hear it,” he said.

Brent was always happy when she came into his office and sat down at the chair next to his desk. Cindy often sought his advice. He felt honored that she confided in him. On those occasions, when she needed his advice, she always wore a short skirt to the office. While she always sat and listened intently, she would fidget and cross and re-cross her legs, revealing creamy thighs and more.

He knew she was a lesbian and not into men and sometimes wondered why she did it. In the end, Brent always thought of it as payment for his advice. He leaned back in anticipation. She was wearing one of her shortest skirts.

“My roommate Chelsea is having a college friend from back East coming out for the weekend, and I’m the odd girl out unless I come up with some ideas.”

“Why don’t you go someplace for the weekend, take a little vacation?”

“I can’t Brent. You know how much money I make. I’m broke.”

“But you want to get out of the house, right?”

“Alesha is coming here to see the sights and to have a big adventure. She is very much an adventurist.” She emphasized the term adventurist by using her fingers to quote. Her pout had turned into a half smile.

“So, she is kind of wild, right?”

“Yes, but, we can’t afford to take her anywhere,” Cindy responded with her head hung down.

Brent was good at reading people. He realized that Cindy wanted something but was afraid to ask. “Cindy, I am your friend. Just tell me what it is that I can help you with, okay,” he asked.

Cindy hesitated then forged ahead, “Brent, we want to get away from the city, someplace that is very open. Someplace where no one will bother us and we can be ourselves.”

Suddenly Brent realized the roommate and friend were also lesbians. But he was intrigued and wanted to hear more. “Where did you have in mind to go for your trip?” he asked.

“I want you to take us all to Death Valley,” she said as she shot out a delicate finger to point at him and re-crossed her beautiful legs.

“What?” Brent muttered.

She suddenly became very animated, stood up, moved close to his face, and spoke very rapidly. “I’ve been reading up on it. Really I have. It is just a couple of hours from here by car and very isolated. There is a hotel in a place called Furnace Creek.” She paused for a few seconds and studied his face, and then she threw in the clincher, “And we will only need one room.”

“But where will I stay?” the astonished Brent blurted out.

“Why you will stay with us, silly.” She quickly added, “It will be a really good deal for you,” she reasoned.

Brent was truly confused now, “but, Cindy, I know you are all lesbians. What is in it for me?”

“Dear Brent,” she started sensing a deal. “I can promise you this: if you take us on this trip for the weekend—all of us—we will be your sex slaves. It will all be part of the adventure, so how about it?” She then sat back down and crossed her legs for emphasis. She stared at him with a look of mischief on her pretty face.

Without thinking any further, Brent quickly agreed and he called the hotel for reservations. The rest of the week was torture for him. He had erotic fantasies every time he saw Cindy in the office, and she was his assistant, so he saw her often. They both agreed to take Friday off from work. Friday morning finally came and he was stunned to meet Alesha and Chelsea. His three companions for the weekend had a combined hotness score of 30. They were all tens. The drive to Death Valley was too long, but had turned out to be entertaining so far. He couldn’t wait to get to the hotel.

They had just passed the small outpost of Stovepipe Wells and they were about twenty minutes from Furnace Creek when Alesha suddenly screamed, “Stop the car. Please stop the car.”

Brent turned off the road and pulled into a small parking lot. “Is something wrong?” he nervously asked.

He heard the back door of the car open and someone left the car. “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” Alesha exclaimed.

Brent turned the car off and quickly got out. When he looked at Alesha, he noticed she only had a red thong on her lithe body. She was jumping up and down and was clearly excited. He liked the view. She was pointing straight ahead. He followed her direction but all he saw were sand dunes. He began to wonder again if this was all some kind of a sting and he was the intended victim. These girls were just a little too crazy.

“What are you pointing at?” he asked as he walked up next to her.

“The dunes,” she yelled. “Look at all the beautiful dunes.”

“They are just sand dunes,” an impatient Brent replied.

The other two girls had piled out of the car and were similarly attired. They stood in a line, three naked women and Brent. Alesha was very excited.

“You don’t understand. I love sand dunes. I have always loved sand dunes. I love the randomness, the uniformity, the starkness, and the vast openness. I want to run on top of those dunes, naked. I want to make love deep in the emptiness.” She then turned to the rest of the group and excitedly implored them. “Can we?”

Brent had already started for the trunk of the car. He opened it and took out two large blankets and a cooler with water in it. When he returned to the side of the car, he found the girls still naked, but with sandals on, and applying sun screen to each other’s bodies.

He immediately dropped the items. “Can I help?” he croaked.

“We would be disappointed if you didn’t,” Cindy replied.

Within minutes, the little safari set off for the sand dunes. The girls draped the blankets over their shoulders and Cindy quickly snuck under her roommates’ blanket. Brent followed a few steps behind and admired the sway of their fine nearly naked rear ends. Not a single car had gone past on the highway.

After they had disappeared in the dunes, Cindy asked, “How come there are sand dunes here?”

Brent had read up on Death Valley and had the answer. “Well, there are three things needed to produce sand dunes. The first thing that is needed is a source. That would be all the mountains around this valley. Dirt breaks loose all the time. The second thing that is needed is wind to grind and blow the sand; there is lots of wind here. Last of all, you need a place for it to collect. Death Valley is the lowest place in America.

“Brent, you are so smart,” Cindy flirted over her shoulder.

“These dunes are about eight miles long going east to west and they move,” Brent added.

“What do you mean they move?” Cindy asked.

“I know that, I know that,” Alesha squealed as she jumped up and down. “The wind pushes sand uphill all the time.As the dune builds, it eventually becomes unstable and cascades forward, burying everything in its path and creeping forward. Pretty cool, huh? I love sand dunes.”

Brent suddenly said, “This seems like the highest dune right here. This looks like a good spot to me.”

“Wow, you’re right,” the girls replied in almost perfect unison and set about laying out the blankets. With that done, they plopped down and slid off their thongs. Brent literally ripped off his
clothes and went to his knees on the blanket. Cindy’s smooth Asian body was spread-eagled and inviting. Brent was ready.

“Ouch,” he suddenly yelled out. He then let out several expletives, grabbing his knee and rolling over in obvious pain.

Cindy was very concerned. She scrambled to a kneeling position and immediately crawled to his side. She noticed a cut just below his right kneecap, but it didn’t look too bad. “You poor boy, let me kiss it and make it better,” she cooed.

Brent had already forgotten about the pain, as he had much more urgent needs. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her on top of him. He had just placed her in the proper position when he heard Alesha say, “I’m a nurse, let me look at it.”

She was about three feet away when she tripped and fell right into them and knocked Cindy off of Brent.

A surprised Brent said, “There is enough for all of you. No need to fight over me.”

Alesha rolled over and immediately started to rub her big toe then replied, “I tripped on something. It was big. There shouldn’t be anything big and hard in a sand dune, should there? Well, except for Brent,” she flirted. “Let’s see what it is?”

The three of them stood up as Chelsea joined the group. “Maybe it is buried treasure,” she said. They picked up the blanket.

“Look, there is something here that looks like a fin of a fish,” Cindy noted. “How could that be?”

“Let’s dig it out,” Alesha said with excitement in her voice.

The four of them gathered around the fin and started digging with their hands. The sand was easy to move, but more sand quickly filled the hole. It was slow-going, but eventually, they made some progress.

“It’s the back fin from an airplane,” Brent said. “It looks very old, maybe from the 1960’s. It looks like a war plane. Look at these markings? I don’t recognize them,” Brent acknowledged.

“Wait, I know that flag. It’s Swedish,” Alesha exclaimed.

“What would an old Swedish warplane be doing buried in sand dunes in Death Valley?” Brent wondered out loud.

“We need to report this find to someone. There may be a big reward or something,” Chelsea noted. “But who should we report this to?”

Cindy suddenly spoke up, “I do know someone who knows a lot about war planes. I met him at a picnic at his house a couple of years ago. Maybe he can tell us something about the value of our find?”

“What is his name,” Brent asked?

“His name is Colton Banyon. He is some kind of detective. He finds artifacts. His partner is kind of like my aunt. Her name is Loni Chen. Her family lived next door to us in Hawaii. She used to babysit me back then. I can call her right now. Wait, I don’t have any clothes. My phone is in my purse.

Everyone starting laughing, then they all realized that none of them had any clothes. This caused them to all laugh harder, until Brent produced a phone from his pile of clothes.

“But, the number is in my phone, I don’t know it off hand,” Cindy said with frustration in her voice.

“No problem,” offered Brent. “I can take some pictures of the plane and when we get his number, we send this Banyon guy the pictures. Sound like a plan?”

“I want to get away from this plane,” Alesha suddenly complained. “There could be dead people in there.”

Everybody took a step back and suddenly, sex was not on anybody’s mind. Cindy then took control. “Brent, you are the only one with clothes, put them on and I will take some pictures. This will prove that we were here.”

Brent looked at her with disappointment, but complied.

Cindy saw the look and added, “And don’t worry, we are only a few minutes away from the hotel. Does the word ‘orgy’ sound good to you?”

He soon stood by the partially exposed tailfin and Cindy took several pictures. She also took a few pictures of the naked women nearby, just for fun she said. Brent grabbed the blankets and the cooler and started off towards the car. The girls grabbed their underwear and jogged ahead, leaving the tailfin exposed.


Twenty minutes later, the now clothed group stood in front of the checkin at the Furnace Creek hotel. Brent was busy checking in and the girls were standing in a semi-circle and chatting.

“You go first,” Alesha said to Cindy.

“Why me?” she asked.

“He likes you the best. But leave some for me,” Chelsea said.

“Alright, but first I have to call auntie Loni. I’m sure she can tell us what to do about the airplane,” Cindy said.

“Yeah, imagine finding an old airplane in the middle of the desert. How cool,” exclaimed Chelsea. “Good thing we took some pictures, or no one would believe us.”

The three girls failed to notice the reaction from the checkin clerk when an old warplane was mentioned. The older woman behind the desk immediately spoke. “So, you found something in one of the dunes?” she inquired.

“How did you know?” asked Brent, as he stood at the counter with a suspicious look.

She ignored his question. “Let me see the pictures,” she demanded. “I am a part-time ranger for the park.”

Chelsea shrugged and handed her the phone. The clerk took a sharp intake of breath as soon as she saw the plane. “I’ll call the ranger station for you. Where did you find it?”

“It is in the sand dunes just south of Stovepipe Wells,” Cindy offered.

Appearing nonchalant the clerk said, “Many things have been found in the desert. But I don’t think anyone has ever found a plane. Tell you what, send my cell phone the picture and I will send it to the ranger station for you. They will know what to do. You will hear from them soon.” The woman paused to see a reaction, and then she added, “Why don’t you kids go to your room and freshen up while you are waiting? This may take a while.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Brent said with his own plans on his mind.

The older woman gave Chelsea her phone number and she was soon staring at the pictures. “Okay, I have them, you can go now,” she dismissed them.

As soon as the group left to go to their room, the older woman opened her cell phone and called her mother.

“Mom, they found the plane. Call the boys; we have some work to do before they discover its secrets.”